Well Hung: the ups and downs of trouser braces


Not all men are married to the idea of wearing braces to support their trousers, but an increasing number are getting hitched. Braces (not those designed to straighten teeth), referred to in the United States as suspenders (not those designed to hold up ladies stockings) have existed in one form or another since the birth of trousers or pants (not those designed to be worn with ladies stockings and suspenders). […]

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The Golden Moments that Defined 007


50 years after it’s release on 17th September 1964, Goldfinger remains the definitive Bond movie, and the film that set the template for those that followed. Guy Hamilton directed the third film in the series of Bond’s cinematic performances, replacing Terence Young who had been responsible for directing the previous two and (of course) introducing Sean Connery to his tailor, Anthony Sinclair. Young had famously moulded Connery into shape for […]

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The Ford Mustang: more than a one-trick pony


As a British man of a certain age, I appear to be naturally predisposed to the attractions of motor vehicles produced in my motherland at around the time of my birth. This probably comes as no surprise, given the models that were rolling into car showrooms as I was being wheeled out of the delivery room. The AC Ace was making way for the Cobra, the Aston Martin DB4 was […]

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Holiday On Ice?


As a prelude to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, I volunteered (in a moment of madness) to travel to St. Moritz, high up in the mountains of Switzerland, to partake in a couple of winter sporting challenges. The first being the notoriously dangerous Cresta Run, followed by the inaugural British Mono-Bob Championships. Having a particularly high centre of gravity, I normally try to avoid slippery surfaces. Holidays in the sun, […]

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34 Montagu Square

English Heritage blue plaque at no.34 Montagu Square

The battle to find suitable premises from which to work and play in central London has ended with the acquisition of the lease for no.34 Montagu Square, London W1. It is an address of important historical significance, indicated by the blue plaque on the exterior wall of the building which demonstrates that ‘John Lennon (1940-1980) Musician and Songwriter lived here in 1968’. Montagu Square is a classic example of Regency […]

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Made in England

The hugely successful exhibition, “Designing 007 – 50 Years of Bond Style”, has now finished it’s term at the Barbican Arts Centre in London and has embarked upon a three year world tour. The organisers of the exhibition had commissioned Anthony Sinclair Ltd to recreate some of the iconic suits originally made by Sinclair for Sean Connery in the early Bond films, and the process of remaking the original outfits […]

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Northern Soul: The Story

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 18.36.35

Northern Soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in the 1960s and reached the peak of its popularity in the mid to late 1970s. The expression was first used publicly by journalist Dave Godin in an article for Blues & Soul magazine in 1971. Godin ran a record shop in London’s Covent Garden and apparently coined the phrase in 1968 to help his staff to differentiate between the […]

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Shaken and Stirred

The Cocktail Cuff perfectly accompanies a Vodka Martini

A recent article published in New Scientist suggests that the perfect martini should be “stirred, not shaken” with a thin piece of wood rather than a metal cocktail spoon. In an emergency, a pencil would do the job! This startling revelation stems from the fact that wood is a poor conductor of heat, as apposed to metal objects, the use of which could dangerously raise the temperature of the tipple […]

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STUDIO 54: the most famous nightclub in history

Halston, Bianca, Andy and Liza illustrate the glamour of Studio 54

During the 1970’s, Tommy Nutter, the founder of Nutters of Savile Row, dressed everyone, from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Elton John and Eric Clapton, from Jacko (before the Wacko) to the high priestess of Motown, Diana Ross. Nutter and his clientele defined “bon vivant” and their destination of choice at the time was the hedonistic New York discotheque, Studio 54. The establishment, located at 254 West 54th […]

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Recreating a Masterpiece (Part 007) The Show


The journey that followed twelve weeks of tailoring, several months of planning, fifty years of business development and two centuries of Savile Row history, drew to a close with the opening of the largest exhibition ever to have been staged by the Barbican Arts Centre in London. The response so far has been satisfying: “Sean Connery, looking devilishly dapper in his period Anthony Sinclair suit leaning on the DB5 at […]

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